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      Established in Penglai, Shandong Province in 1986, Penglai Special insulating material plant has been focusing on providing the customers with electrical insulating materials of fine quality. Now we are focusing on producing more than 100 varieties of B-C thermal rating electrical insulating materials in 6 categories, including composite materials, electrical membrane, adhesive belt, electrical insulating paints and resin adhesive, electrical impregnated fibrous products, electrical mica products, electrical insulating paper, decorating paints and so on.     
  Penglai Special Insulating Plant attaches great importance to the development of high-tech products and the application of new technology. It has cooperated with Eastern China University of Science and University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, developing more than 100 varieties of products including the insulating materials, decorating paints, and some others. Among all these products, the special insulating material has been appointed by the Ministry of Railways as the key product and is specially used in the electrical towing engine of the swift locomotive, crane, metallurgy, explosive-proof electrical products, and aero-generators. After 20 years of development, Penglai Special Insulating Plant has become a key enterprise in insulating industry in China with its strong financial and technical power.
  As a company that attaches great importance to customer service, service efficiency, quality control and environment protection, Penglai Insulating Material Plant is among the earliest enterprises that are certified in conformity with the ISO9001 quality system. It has been awarded “High-Tech Enterprise” by Shandong Committee of Science and Technology and got the second prize in “Spark Program” with its series of electrical insulating materials. Many Chinese excellent enterprises such as Yongji Xinshisu Electric Equipment Co., Ltd, Harbin Electric Machinery Co, LTD, JIAMUSI ELECTRIC MACHINE CO., LTD, Dalian Tianyuan Motors Co., Ltd, Sunten Electric Co. Ltd., Nanjing Turbine&Electric Machinery(Group) Co,. LTD and so on, have chosen Penglai Insulating Material Plant as their supplier because of its extraordinary quality. Penglai Insulating Material Plant is also a comprehensive industrial entity which gathers chemical engineering, hotel, catering, crop planting, and aquiculture and so on. We sincerely welcome all the customers from both China and abroad to contact, visit and cooperate with us.

Address: No.6 Pengzhai Road, Penglai, Shandong, China  Post Code: 265607   Tel: +86 0535- 5643354 
Fax: +86 0535-5641323
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